The Worldwide System


The Worldwide System

Worldwide System

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The Worldwide System

This comprehensive measurement, management, government system
could help to solve many employment, environment, nourishment,
enlightenment, entertainment, experiment, development, movement,
encouragement, punishment, achievement, retirement, predicaments.

With a clean sheet of paper or hard disc we could restart our human race.
All we need to do is to scrap our old systems then start again at square zero.
There are now some forty different ages, dates and times around the globe.
We must scrap all our chronologies, calendars and clocks and replace them
with one global-digital-decimal system based on Earth's age, orbit and spin.
There are now three different linear measurements in use around the globe.
We must break all of our rulers and replace them with one new rule,
based upon the global-digital-decimal system and the girth of planet earth.

Our species is breeding much faster than our planet can sustain it.
A third of our planet's workforce is out of work and living in poverty,
when they could be earning a living building our brave new World.
It is no longer a case of 'getting on your bike' for we need a new cycle.
We already recycle many materials but we now need to recycle Time.
A seven-day week is a unicycle, however, a ten-day week is a bicycle. 
A ten-day week would encourage most jobs to be shared five-on/five-off.  
This revolutionary working bicycle would be easier to ride and to share.
Full-time-job-sharing-as-the-norm could save our planet and our species.
It would minimise the huge waste of energy, materials and manpower.
It would maximise the utilisation of our planet's infrastructure and this
would reduce the cost of goods and services as well as climate changes.
We could all achieve sustainable development in one extremely easy step.



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