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The Worldwide Government System

The decimal date calendar divides the year into 360 days plus a remainder
of 5 days reserved for local, regional, national and international elections 
in a four-year cycle plus a leap day when new presidents could be elected.
One job share MP could live in their constituency the other near Parliament
Electronics will soon allow everyone to vote on every important issue 
and for every minister in a fully-democratic-joined-up-coalition government.

The USA, supposed be a secular society, still uses the Roman-Catholic chronology, calendar and clock and still spans seven different time zones. 
It uses its own system of distances, dimensions, weights and measures.        It is now the only superpower and it controls our Time and our Space.      
So perhaps it will lead the way by adopting: The Worldwide System.  

The EU, supposed to be a secular society, still uses the Roman-Catholic chronology, calendar and clock but wants to standardise one time zone.   Some eurocrats want to extend the unproductive weekend to three days.  
If the EU adopted a ten-day week with full-time-job-sharing-as-the-norm in its new constitution it could become far more efficient and powerful.

China once had a digital week and a decimal day but recently adopted a
seven-day week and twenty-four hour day with no divisive time zones.       The USSR had eleven divisive time zones until it eventually fell apart. Totalitarian states could easily adopt full-time-job-sharing-as-the-norm.

The Hindus invented the zeros and numbers that we all use today.
The Muslims adopted this digital system and they discovered decimals.   However, the Sunnis use lunar calendars and the Shias use solar ones.   They all take Fridays off work but they cannot live and work together.       
The Secular Worldwide System might eventually supersede all religions.


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