The Worldwide System


The Worldwide System

Worldwide System

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One System

The Worldwide System should be used by everyone on our planet Earth. Before any new system can be adopted it must be thoroughly understood, tried and tested, so a think tank should examine it carefully and then a 
small community should attempt to live and work with it for a while.                 
It should never be imposed upon any individual, organisation or state.
Nevertheless, it is essential to have global standards for most things.
We have had national and international measurement standards but it is 
now time to have a global one, which should be administered by the UN.
We evolved over billions of years and we created gods, not vice versa.
Religion must be blamed for dividing-up our Human race with various  
ages, dates, times, zones and numerous mystical measurement systems.          
This new system is not sectarian but secular, not spiritual but temporal, 
not mystical but logical and it is not mythical but mathematical.

One World

The United Nations Organisation is dedicated to creating One World.    
Yet, it has not lived up to the expectations of those of us who created it.
It must be given more ideas, more power, more control and more funds.     
It would benefit from full-time-job-sharing-as-the-norm at every level.   
The Worldwide System could soon help pull our Human race together.           
It could eradicate the global scourges of unemployment, poverty, illness, inequality, crime, punishment, corruption, conflict, pollution and waste.     
It is time to put Time into chronological-calendrical-horological order.       
It is time to put Space into a more logical global-digital-decimal order.   
The Worldwide Web rapidly became a new global standard and there  
is no reason why The Worldwide System should not become one too.          
The UN should now incorporate a Worldwide Standards Organisation.


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